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My Ride: 2000 323Ci
Works perfect in 323ci

I just installed this in my 2000 323ci (155k, original clutch etc) over the weekend; 545i rod, ZHP knob, new bushing, 1 hour of time.
  • All gears line up
  • Sits perfectly center
  • Doesn't hit anything with longer lower shift rod
  • Has less side to side play
  • Shift throw shorter vs. stock (feels like about 30%)
  • Sits lower (combination of the 1/4inch shorter 545i upper shift rod and shorter ZHP knob, which also help the shorter throw)
After driving around for the weekend I wonder how I ever lived without it. I can't vouch for a 6-speed or Xi, but fit and performance is perfect in a 323ci.

Blocked Out, great find and DIY.
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