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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
just to further my point UUC SSK have the worst fitment out of all the SSKits. Rarely do we agree to install them due to the fitment issues. An even cheaper SSK is from HPF's it fits on e46s even though its not listed. search megan racing under hpf site and you should be able to find it. it has a blue cup on it. here is the link just so everyone knows. great product fitment is great minus a slight twist in the lever. (which i still believe was designed that way to help avoid money shifts) 45 bucks for a ssk well worth it you can spend all the money you saved on other mods as i did. It's clear why you can't find these parts shopping by year/model. use the shop by brand filter. those search engines are designed to make the most money not to inform you how to cut corners and save money. great DIY! horrid thread bashing, mods clean this thread up for the OP!!! so NO mistakes are made haters/thread bashers please see on the link listed above and again here all the models for this shifter... ci, i, XI (perhaps you missed it X I) it's all the same. wonder why... oh wait we covered that. Guess these guys are lying about installation too.. speak first hand or s+fu
Wow thanks man!!

Not sure what a "money" shift is though.
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Class of '03, yet you're still an idiot. Whats your point? Do you really think that you're somehow a god because you joined a site before someone else? ****ing nerd.

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