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You can't call out Bush for the Katrina disaster then not appear to have done anything for this disaster.

BTW I didn't blame Bush for Katrina I blamed the bonehead agencies that couldn't get their head out of their a$$es.

Usually when a disaster like this happens. The Agencies responsible (i.e. The EPA and Homeland Security, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Coast Guard...etc and BP, Haliburton are given an chance to fix the problem without the president having direct involvement.

But.............after about 48 hours of no action the president needs to take charge and get the right people and resources in place to fix this.

Instead we have the CEO's and COO's of BP, Haliburton, and Ocean blah blah blah testifying in front of Congress........and.........for WHAT!!!!! While the problem continues they're busy blaming each other for the problem instead of fixing the problem.

We can strap a controlled bomb connected to the spaceshuttle and propel it into space but we can't seem to clog a leaking pipe. (Yes Im aware of the velocity of the oil and the diameter of the pipe. So we're not talking about a drinking straw) But this needs to be fixed.

I feel bad for the people of the Gulf Area because they're livelyhood will never be the same.

These people need to be compensated immediately by BP.

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