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Originally Posted by e36-2.0 View Post
i rock dedicated snow tires for the winter months and its FAR better than my e36 with winters. even though i did think my e36 was already fantastic in the snow. i would never trust a rwd with winters outside the city where conditions are far more unpredictable.
i would never doubt that Xi with snow tires is anything less than perfect in the snow

however what is your driving habits where your car is unpredictable? I'm not trying to cause an argument, but common sense will tell you if conditions on the road are bad, it doesn't matter what kind of drivetrain/tires you have, you drive with extra caution

if you want to talk about swerving out of the way or slipping on black ice... ya MAYBE if you use Xi to straighten out you'll have the upper hand, but 9 times out of 10, your reaction in a case of "unpredictable conditions" will cause you to use your brakes, not your gas pedal.... and in that case, it won't matter if you have 4wd or RWD
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