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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
i would never doubt that Xi with snow tires is anything less than perfect in the snow

however what is your driving habits where your car is unpredictable? I'm not trying to cause an argument, but common sense will tell you if conditions on the road are bad, it doesn't matter what kind of drivetrain/tires you have, you drive with extra caution
Haha. JJ, I'm sorry but you just don't get it man. Haha. You have never driven an xi in the snow! Do you know how i know? Becasue an xi is never unpredictable in the snow! Haha.

I drive retarded fast in the snow- I'm a ski racer. My xi does 15+ trips a year from Boston>>Jay Peak (it's on the VT/Quebec border if you didn't know). I stepped up to studded Nokian Hakkas last winter becasue i wanted to go even faster in the snow. You may have to slow down and "drive with extra caution" with your blizzaks. I'm the guy doing 85+mph in the unplowed left lane- you are the guy stuck behind a plow spreading rock salt all over your hood.
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