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Originally Posted by 330CiJohn View Post
Because I'll have $$. And IF I had to borrow (super extreme medical problems) money to pay bills it is better to have either:

1.) Zero credit score
2.) High credit score

Also, if I can prove I make money with a decent salary, this shouldn't be an issue. It just depends on who you go to. Go to BOA, Chase, PNC, etc. a machine will do most of the decision making, but a local bank will have a human underwriter who can understand the situation better.
No offense but do you have experience in lending? I do, and I can tell you if sh1t hits the fan and you need to borrow and have a score of zero you're in trouble. Having a score of 700+ is not a bad thing in any way. It sounds like you were just getting excited and saying "I'll never need credit again". If you're doing what you're doing you already have a pretty good score so the choice really isn't up to you.
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