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I still have my stock shocks (61k) and H&R Sports. I am not super happy with the ride quality, its a bit stiff, but the gap looks soo bad. If I see a good deal on oem xi springs (I sold mine) I would contemplate going back. Though, if I replace my shocks, that might help too.

Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
because they feel they need an "xi" in the snow rather than going with snow tires...

no offense OP, i'm sure you have your own reasons... but after having blizzacks in RI for 3 years, there is absolutely no reason to get an Xi

on the flip side, maybe the OP found the "perfect" e46 and it just so happened to have xi

I have an xi & snow tires & H&R. As long as I dont bottom out on a snow bank, I'm unstoppable.

Sorry JJR, but your waaay wrong. xi>rwd in inclement weather.
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