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well today I did the air con unit and the light unit. Looks great!!
I used the white plastic from an ice cream tub to put behind the screen of the aircon unit. Being in the UK everything in our cars is on the opposite sides.

Looks absolutely stunning! Makes my 12 yearold car have such a modern feel to it.

Interestingly when it was built in 1998 I was 16 years old.. I remember at the time (i was really into electronics) that blue LED's were quite expensive as they hadnt been around for more than a year or two. I remember ordering some in from my local electrical store and it costing just under 5 for 3 of them. They definatly wernt in any consumer products until a few years later. Probably somewhat similar to the recent breakthrough that made blue lasers affordable and so have found their way into blue ray players and playstation 3. I remember again that white LED's wernt easy to come buy until a couple more years later.
I would guess that this is why the only "blue" light in the entire vehicle is the high beam headlight indicator, which as we all know is actually a regular light bulb with a filament and a blue filter in front of it.

I selectively left some of the LED's in place so my hot/cold air control now has a blue under the cold button and red under the hot.
I also took the green LED's out of the airflow buttons and replaced them with red ones, so now I have blue illuminated buttons that change to red when the button is engaged.

The air recycle button now has green LED's when activated, blue when deactivated (green = recycling, get it??!).

I think I am going to leave the screen in the dashboard as red. It makes for a nice contrast and has a more elaborate feel than the entire dash being blue.
Will grab some pics tomorrow.. currently having fun with the FSU so my battery is on charge for the 2nd night in a row. New battery and FSU me thinks...
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