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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
Im with you. I wanted an e46, and i wanted a car that could handle in the snow.. result an xi that i slap snow tires on. I ski 50-70 times a year and drive roads that rarely see snowplows every time it snow. Id be 100% more confident in my xi than a RWD.. Although not the best awd system out there, it definitely gets the job done and looks great.. that wheel well room is another story. photos make it look worse than it really is but a slight drop would make it look that much better. Im interested in the answer to the OP's question as well..

as for jj.. your car is nice, lets just leave it at that.. there really is no reason for you to come into this thread and bash an xi.. go comment in the showroom on someone who needs a drop or clears..
+1 well said
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