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Well in about a month I'll be able to properly add my $0.02. My 325xi was my first BMW, and I still have it because with a set of Blizzaks, it is nearly perfect on snows and slushy roads. However, I also wished to make the car look better in person. With 93k miles on the stock shocks, it was time for a replacement anyway, so I ordered a set of Bilstein Sport Shocks and an Eibach Pro Kit. As soon as the parts come in, I'll have a verdict.

As for snow, if there is so much snow that my xi acts as a snow plow, I take it as an omen that I shouldn't be driving on the roads. A 1-1.25" drop isn't going to make that much difference on highway driving conditions. Besides, I always have the trusty Dodge Ram 1500 if things go Ice Age on me.
2003 BMW 325xi
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