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I have--freakin shop I went to for them to flush my cooling system to get that crap O'Reilly coolant out broke it by trying to wrench it off. The black hex shaped housing (radiator adjusting screw) the blue bleeder is just to be used as a counter while unscrewing the blue plug.

In order to take this radiator adjusting screw--black hex shaped piece that is long, if you see it in the diagram, you have to just turn it more until you hear it snap. Your basically breaking the last wing(s) off of it.

After you do this, if the radiator adjusting screw does not come out, what worked for me is taking a machine screw and screwing it up into where the blue bleeder screw was then taking pliers to the machine screw and yanking it straight down. I was able to install a new adjusting screw (and bleeder screw) push it up while turning it in--you can see the pattern on the little wings. No leaks afterwards and IMHO, it is a flimsy design at best. I wonder what purpose it serves to be named an "adjusting screw" but really if you try to adjust it from any other position than what it's final position is, it will leak on you in a heartbeat.

I'll see if I can find pics of when I did it and post.
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