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Originally Posted by bimmer654 View Post
I bought the XI so I don't have to worry about the harsh New England winters. With all due respect, after owning both a 5 & 7 series with rear wheel drive I have to disagree with you...they suck in the snow with or without blizzacks. Whereas with our famous noreasters my XI will plow through just about anything & the rear wheel drives are off in a bank somewhere or spinning sideways up a hill.
well we can agree to disagree... based on the weather down here and RI and the plows, there is never more than a few inches on the ground, if not its plowed... i have yet to not make it up a hill, and i've been up steep ones, i have yet to get stuck, etc etc etc... you have a very skewed misconception of our rwd cars with blizzacks.... spinning sideways? lol these tires have amazing handling in the snow, it takes some effort to go sideways (aka downshifting and flooring it)

before anyone takes my post out of context... i am in no way "comparing" awd with snows to rwd, i'm just stating that IMO around my area, RWD with snows will hold up just fine in normal driving conditions

Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
Haha. JJ, I'm sorry but you just don't get it man. Haha. You have never driven an xi in the snow! Do you know how i know? Becasue an xi is never unpredictable in the snow! Haha.

I drive retarded fast in the snow- I'm a ski racer. My xi does 15+ trips a year from Boston>>Jay Peak (it's on the VT/Quebec border if you didn't know). I stepped up to studded Nokian Hakkas last winter becasue i wanted to go even faster in the snow. You may have to slow down and "drive with extra caution" with your blizzaks. I'm the guy doing 85+mph in the unplowed left lane- you are the guy stuck behind a plow spreading rock salt all over your hood.
lol don't get me started... please don't...

with any "harsh" weather conditions you should always drive with caution, not because your car can't handle going faster, but because its COMMON SENSE... you drive with caution when there is snow because other morons don't know how to drive, you have to worry about them crashing into you, them sliding all over the road, visibility is horrible and so forth...

so if you want to go 30mph over the speed limit, thats your call... not once did i say that blizzacks on RWD would compare to AWD with snows

and once again, your opinion is skewed as well.... i'll easily drive 10-15mph faster in the left hand lane, UNPLOWED.... my car does just fine at normal driving speeds... i just need to worry about my front bumper so i will keep it a little on the slower side, not because my "rwd stuck behind a plow" can't handle it
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