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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post

as for jj.. your car is nice, lets just leave it at that.. there really is no reason for you to come into this thread and bash an xi.. go comment in the showroom on someone who needs a drop or clears..
lol when did i "bash" on xi's? and don't try to insult me with that "drop or clears" comment, i've contributed enough to this forum to have my own opinion, i don't go around all day bashing people's cars left and right

all i said was "here in RI, i see no reason for Xi compared to RWD"

that is a FACT.... maybe where you are from its a little bit different, but all you AWD owners are getting seriously butthurt.

do you seriously believe that regular road conditions of a couple inches of snow means you NEED an xi? I'll say, for the people that drive on unplowed roads all day, different story, but rwd with snow tires will work completely fine

you guys are seriously way too sensitive, not once did i make a comment on "omg Xi's are horrible, they look like shiit, etc etc..." so stop being so goddamn sensitive

Originally Posted by Dreamliner330 View Post
Sorry JJR, but your waaay wrong. xi>rwd in inclement weather.
lol when did i say RWD>Xi
i even said "i know rwd with snows could NEVER compare to an Xi with snows"

k i'm done explaining myself because you people don't know how to read

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