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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
that is a FACT.... maybe where you are from its a little bit different, but all you AWD owners are getting seriously butthurt.

you guys are seriously way too sensitive, not once did i make a comment on "omg Xi's are horrible, they look like shiit, etc etc..." so stop being so goddamn sensitive

k i'm done explaining myself because you people don't know how to read
Its the same old song and dance from non-xi owners, come into a thread that clearly has no relevance to them and then state why their car is soooo much better or is just what you need. Im not sitting here getting butthurt over anything.

For me, like i said before, an XI was a much better choice for when its dumping and im heading to the mountains. Id really like you to drive from RI to Jaypeak VT during the next blizzard and tell me you wouldn't rather be in a car with AWD. Ive been in both a 325i and my xi during snow conditions and the 325i handled like crap compared to the xi (both equipped with snow tires). the xi has a feeling of being more planted to the road. The 325i just wanted to slide out much easier.

Now, you can spit that AWD is a marketing gimmick and we've been brainwashed into thinking that because we live in the northeast, we need AWD, but that is just entirely false. Just look at the new x-drive system that is being incorporated into everything. AWD is becoming a staple system on most car brands and is being used for better handling, not just for getting through the snow.

On the other hand, if i wasnt such an avid skier and lived in the south below the snow, i would have purchased a RWD E46 and been thankful to miss all the problems i encounter with the awd system now..

For now, ill live with the ride height and the "needs a drop" comments i get.
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