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Originally Posted by MileHiXi View Post
I love it that your car is slower and can't go in the snow. HILARIOUS! Srsly tho. . . M3, XI or a different car.

So you've made it up all the "hills" in RI. Try coming and pulling that **** in february in Colorado where the "hills" are 14000 feet tall and where 3 inches of snow isn't called a "storm."
and when in this thread did i try to compare RI conditions to CO conditions?

now you are looking for an argument... haha, look at you all worked up

the only reason i responded to the OP that way is because he is in CT.. not once did i say (or have i ever said) that RWD will be as good as AWD in any conditions, let alone 14000 feet mountains

stop being pathetic please

m3, xi, or a different car? LOL... thats like me saying get a subaru if you want to get 4wd... seriously, we are all FANATICS, not once did i rip on Xi

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