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Originally Posted by xi325xi02 View Post
JR I agree with you on every point youve made, it seems as if most XI drivers are touchy about their cars. Maybe its because we have noticeably slower cars than the RWD peeps. I do think that the XI is better in snow, but **** thats just common sense. People freak out over RWD cars in snow. My moms old maxima was so much worse than my dad's ///m in the snow. Anyway more to the point. I have springs that give me a small drop. My shocks are holding up fine, looks great, firmed up a little. Happy with results. All other XI drivers.. chill a bit please.
At least one person can actually understand what i was actually saying, thank you. Of course Xi is better in the snow, like you said its common sense...

Originally Posted by MileHiXi View Post
You should watch the motorweek you tube vid on page one.
Not to open up another can of worms... but referencing that the Xi is faster from 0-60 is like me saying "well the 330i is faster 5-60"

two different drivetrains... apples and oranges

on a side note... while i don't doubt that the Xi should be faster 0-60, 6.2 isn't that great of a time... Road and Track put down 6.1 for the 330Ci, so i would think with the right times, an Xi could break 6
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