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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
lemme take a guess, is your girlfriend like 18-19?

girls do things like this to be unpredictable, spiteful, and etc... i've done it before years ago... you end up on the outs with your girl for a couple weeks, you take a little break, and then all of the sudden they are doing all these things that are completely out of the ordinary

they are looking for a reaction

without getting into further detail, take it for what its worth, if you guys are arguing back and forth and she is (presumably spitefully) getting this tatoo, tell her to take a hike.... not worth the headaches man, trust me when i tell you

I beleive my girl FEEDS off this.
She's 17, (pedo bear status maybe, but i'm 19 lol)

She didn't get the tat, it's been the same **** though,and she hasn't mentioned anything about it either.. still arguing over nothing. I think it is that time to let it go. I think I've pushed her away, (like I said, I'm hard-headed, and I don't feel like stressing over a girl at my age is really neccesary, so I tend to brush things off and let it ride) I beleive it's really taken a toll on her now and she's just retaliating.

On the phone with her as I type this
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