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Originally Posted by drivrswntd View Post
I had the same problem at LRP, and I did the M3 baffle and it definitly helped. If you start with a full tank beginning of the day, you'll be fine for the rest of the day if you do this baffle. Otherwise the problem starts to creep up in your 3rd session and by the 4th one forget about it. I did a DIY on bimmerforums.
Jay. Just finished installing the M3 baffle as per your link. My AllData was very vague on the fuel pump R&R, & your pics helped a lot. Really didn't take more than 1/2 hr, but installing the rear seat was a pita. It didn't want to clip into the front latch points. That took me about another 1/2 hour b4 I figured out what tricks to use. Anyway, no big deal, since my lead tech is much bigger & burlier than me & I know that it would have taken him 2 min to clip the rear seat into the brackets. I just didn't wnat to hear him razz me on such a simple procedure. Big guys generally win. Hopefully, this baffle will help me get me thru the entire track day on Wed with no fuel starvation. Will keep everyone posted that contributed to my thread.
Jay, Thanks for the pics & diy. Chas
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