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ever neglected someone NOT on purpose?

it's weird, but I've been going out with another co-worker since the past few weeks and at the beginning everything was fine. but then we both got promoted and I started to keep a little distance with her at work just to keep things appropriate if you know what I am saying. We were/are not together, nor did we ever made a move on each other but I felt like she like me, but I saw her as a good friend and co-worker, therefore didn't really want to make a move on her, which I actually regret. Now she ignores me and I actually miss going out with her. But the thing is, lately I've been stressing out a little about work which I also mentioned in the OT section due to some conflicts with others about my promotion and I think because of that, I just passively didn't pay much attention to her and now she doesn't like me anymore. I think I fvcked up with her and I know it's my fault. I'm trying to find ways on how to get back "with" her, so maybe some of you guys can give me advice. I told her how much pressure I have lately about school/ military, parents, and work.

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