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Originally Posted by DGBMW11 View Post
I know this is a long story but I seriously need help and all my friends have preconceived notions of the situation so I cant talk to them.

Ok so my freshman year of college (Fall 2008) I met a girl from NJ and we hit it off so good, like creepy good. We started dating and got very close I even went up to her hometown to visit during the Christmas break. It was awesome and we got so much closer, her family loved me and it was a good experience. Anyway, around march of 09 she started to get into the Sorority stuff at school and we saw less of each other. I was in the middle of baseball season so we had limited time together anyway and we drifted further apart.

So, all the sketchy people associated with Greek life started to get to me and we mutually broke up before summer break (Mid April 09). It was hard but I eventually got back on my feet and was enjoying my summer, it was easier since she was 1,000 miles away. In Mid June I was invited to play in Cape Cod for a couple weeks on a tryout and I was planning on driving up there. About that time she called me for the first time since classes ended and I told here where I was going. She insisted that I went and saw her when I was done with the league. Well I tore my rotator cuff so the league was cut short for me, and the guy I took the road trip with (his car) was staying for another month so I had to fly home. I decided to fly out of NJ so I could take a trip to see her (public transport in the NE is wayyyy better than in Florida btw) I had to navigate the NY subway system to get on a train to NJ which is no small feat for a Florida boy. Anyway I stayed with her a couple days and everything was awesome. We got back together and just had a long distance relationship until the next school year.

Well when school started again (August 09) we were together for a couple weeks until the sorority thing ruined our relationship again, I was busy rehabbing from my surgery and she couldn't find the time to spend with me during that hard time. We broke up but stayed kinda close until January when she said we should move on and see other people so I started dating a girl in February and we didn't talk after that. Before the semester ended we saw each other between classes one day and hung out that night and decided we needed to be together again but since it was the end of the semester (April '10) she thought it would be better to wait until next year to do it. I still have the girlfriend but the NJ girl keeps talking about life after college and marriage and things like that, I don't know if I should ruin a decent relationship to go back to someone I actually love but has screwed me over before. She says she know what she wants now and knows what she lost, she wont do it again blah blah.

Soo what say you? Should I give it a shot or stay with what I have. I do have all summer to make a decision though.

In b4 "she just wants to sleep with other guys" shes not a slvt
So, how do you feel about the girl you're with right now if the NJ girl is the one you actually love? Do you see a future with her, or are you with her just to have someone there?

Something to think about I guess.
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