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Originally Posted by CMT247 View Post
lot of back and forth man. So she wants to start back up again basically next school year? Is she still going to be part of the sorority again? Probably best to move on man, you 2 have been through a lot and it has never worked out. Just because she is in a sorority, doesn't give her the excuse to be some flaky drama queen. I know plenty of sorority girls who DON'T get caught up in the whole scene. Find someone with a good head on their shoulders.
She is going to still be a part of it but I guess shes learned to keep it separate from her normal relationships but idk. It really easy to tell someone deep things like she does over the phone, way harder in person and when they're in the situation.
Problem is I have moved on, I think, and she keeps coming back into the picture. But I totally agree, it is not an excuse at all.
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