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Dan, see the 2nd and 3rd to last pics in the very first post.

PBSun cut the plastic frame off the OEM speaker. It has the oddball 3-hole mounting system that BMW uses. Then he screwed his speakers to the plastic frame. The gap all around the speaker is because he used 5 1/4 inch speakers.

I would think that the 6 1/2 inch Infinity 6022si's would drop right in with no gap. Use silicone to seal the bracket to the speaker all the way around. If the fit is too tight, I'm sure you can use the plastic basket as the mount like I did.

I think the bracket from the original speakers is a better solution. There was a little bit of slop in the fit to the basket, but the speaker bracket fits down inside the lip of the basket, so the bracket is a hair smaller than the basket and the fit might be perfect.

Good luck.
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