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Originally Posted by AfghanScarface View Post
+1, her "entourage" is fvcking sh1t up for you.

Also, you didn't seem to mention much about the girl you're currently with. How do you see her in comparison the girl you're trying to get at now? From what you describe it seems like the outcome of this situation would be something like you drop the current girl to get with this chick and the same thing happens again but for different reasons this time. I mean honestly if it didn't work out the first couple of times, what makes you so convinced it will work this time? You guys will still have to be a LDR, which will only increase the emotional strain on an already fragile relationship and just screw you over down the line. From what you say it really does sound like shes got feelings for you but she doesn't really know what she wants.

Like Led Zeppelin says, you need to find out which of these two girls is the "feather in the wind" and stop going after/trying to be with that one.
Yea, if i did get back with her I would have to dump my current gf, but we wouldnt be back together until the end of summer anyway. It wouldn't really be a LDR once she got back, just different breaks and stuff from school would be long distance.
And I'm not convinced at all, she says she will prove it... idk we'll see. And the Zepplelin quote is perfect, I have to figure all this stuff out.
I really appreciate the input guys, everyone is making a lot of good points.

By the way, my current girlfriend is crazy for me which would make all this harder because shes done nothing to deserve any of this. But I just cant shake the thought of liking somebody more than my gf, no relationship can grow like that.
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