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Originally Posted by mspiegle View Post
(One of those E36 M3 guys)

I believe one of the threads made a reference to a HP limit for this unit at around 500hp. Is this something to be worried about if you want to make more power than that? AFAIK, the stock damper is used in many high-HP (lower RPM) situations and I can't imagine that the suggested HP limit from BMW was all that high.

Edit - Another question. Looking at realoem, the E36 damper has the crank sensor wheel attached to it. The E46 does not appear to have this. How does the E46 handle the crank sensor/wheel?
To answer your first question: This depends on the RPM, peak torque value, and ancillaries attached to the damper. I don't see anyone spending less than $15k making more than 500hp....a custom damper is a drop in the bucket.

The M52 engines use the same crank position sensor location as the M54. (Timing wheel is inside the crank case on the back of the crankshaft)

The funny thing is that the M52 uses a damper assembly with the 60-2 trigger wheel attached, and the timing chain cover has a mounting position for a sensor.
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