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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
just remember, it's not your fault.

Anyone who's been cheated on knows the feeling, but there's nothing you could have done to prevent it. No amount of attention, etc would have changed it. You'll get over it, though
Actually it is his fault! People need stop acting like pussies and own up. It's a females job to keep the male interested, it's a males (YOUR) job to keep the female interested. That's it, period, no exceptions!

OP you want to know what you can do, I'll tell you. Figure out what YOU did wrong, don't be a moron like most guys by simply saying oh gash golly it just wan't meant to be because it's horse ****. And don't be a ***** by calling her one when it's your own fault. Everything, and I do mean absolutely everything any living thing does (this includes your now ex) is to survive or gain some sort of advantage (no matter how small) that will help it or in this case her to do so. So why did she cheat, well she cheated to increase her chances of survival. Thats the ultimate reason, now use this knowledge to figure out what you did wrong. I.e., how did some of the things you did decrease her chances of survival. Learn from your mistakes don't ignore and forget about them.
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