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Originally Posted by PawnStar View Post
Hey guys thanks to aggie's help i just installed my magnaflow and love it. However next step is headers and was wondering if 70,000 miles is too late to start spending money on more mods? How hard and long can we drive these cars for? How many miles do you have on your e46?
I bought my 325i with 76k on the clock and I plan on adding plenty of modifications to it. I honestly don't plan on ever selling my 325i and while I realize that it won't be my daily driver forever with proper care and meticulous maintenance I do expect it to run as long as I own it.

Originally Posted by Blocked Out View Post
You joined this board to pay someone else to do stuff on your car?
Ive never done any major work on my car myself and I don't feel like any less of an enthusiast. I have a great mechanic who does the work cheaply and I don't need to mess anything up to gain "learning experience".

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So your telling me that M54 has forged pistons...and I can run NOS????
No, do not put nitrous on your car. Nitrous puts unnecessary stress on your engine, forged internals or not. Plus there are very few ways to make your car straight line fast and nitrous is not one of them. Instead focus on the suspension and let your car shine where it is able.
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