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Originally Posted by TravsM3 View Post
While there are always reasons why someone cheats and yes some of those involve our own problematic issues in the relationship there are still tons of women (and men) that simply crave attention. Once the attention fades into a state of normalcy that person begins to look elsewhere for that new "spark". This society in general is a "me, me, me" society and lends itself to being extremely selfish, self centered and totally self absorbed.

Bottom line is this girl will find that her new guy will fall into that same state of normalcy in time and repeat that same action with him. Be thankful you got away without the hassle of divorce and even worse kids.
There is only one reason why a person cheats, and honestly, there is only one reason any living thing does anything. That is to survive or to gain some advantage to help it do so. Your post is not wrong, it's just not looking at the whole picture. Your just looking at things from the surface, survival is always the ultimate reason for anything we do. Free will is nothing more that an illusion in that sense.

As for the "me, me, me" society, well there simple answer for that to, evolution. Humans aren't designed for modern world we live in. Evolution is always a step behind it's environment, it takes hundreds to thousands of years for any significant changes to be made, changes like some of the instincts we humans possess. Humans are designed to live in small tight nit communities or tribes that rely on each other for survival not for the mega metropolis of a world we live in now. Most of our instincts are designed for a different time, one most no longer live in. Unfortunately in our society, the nice guy is usually at a disadvantage. We probably were/are all nice at one point in our lives, it's this modern world we've ignorantly created for ourselves that is forcing us to change.

Lastly, have you ever thought that the reason most people break up and get divorced is simply because humans didn't evolve to have life long monogamous relationships? Sure it can be done but...
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