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Originally Posted by Keno View Post
While I completely understand the logic, you need to understand that his ex had the ability to end it BEFORE fvcking someone else.
She could have ended it before cheating on him, it's just that most of her instincts were telling her not to, though I understand your point of view as well.

Originally Posted by Keno View Post
Furthermore, women usually start going for male attention when they aren't getting it at home.
No arguments with you there, though there is much more to it...

Originally Posted by Keno View Post
Perhaps this guy was waaaayyy to busy with his career, etc. to give this girl the amount of attention she needed. From the OP's description of the chick, she needed A LOT of validation/attention to feel like he was committed.

So yes, although this girl couldn't keep up with this guy's lifestyle, I don't think the OP needs to change who he is or how he leads his life.
While it may seem like I'm suggesting the OP should change, I don't mean to nor care frankly. I'm just trying to help him/people look at things in a more realistic and rational way to help him learn from his mistakes. Though I guess for some, ignorance is indeed bliss.

Originally Posted by Keno View Post
At the end of the day, one of them won't be happy with the relationship. Furthermore, orchestrating the way you treat this girl to "keep her in love" is manipulative and merely postpones an eventual breakup.
Well as stated in my previous post, humans aren't meant to have life long monogamous relationships, so as far as, "At the end of the day, one of them won't be happy with the relationship." and "postpones an eventual breakup." goes I agree and already understand this though there are anomalies.

It might seem manipulative and orchestrated but have you ever done anything that isn't or wasn't? It's human nature, it's like saying don't be biased or stop being selfish. These posts are looking at it from a factual/rational point of view because that's the view most people have problems with, but I can see it in the ways most others do as well. See, while I have the knowledge and practice to probably go out a **** a new women every day, I don't. I could say that it's a product of my morals but realistically it's one of my environment/upbringing. There is no wrong or right, no good or bad... only survival. Realistically though if you do it right she'll be enjoying the interaction just as much as you will so it doesn't, hell she won't even care. I've even explained to women before how humans and specifically women work and honestly they did not care, in fact they were happy I could please them.

Also note that I'm not trying to brag, I see myself as no better or worse than anyone else.

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