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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
OP- I see no reason to ditch your xi. The front diff EASILY unbolts from the oil pan- 4 bolts. And axles can be removed in 5 minutes with air tools. At that point, the motor swap is as easy as a non-xi. If you need to swap in your xi oil pan, that's not a big deal either.

Sucks you need a motor, but it's not game over. You may even be able to just unbolt the oil pan and drop a new motor right in there.
"drop a new motor right in there" = $$$$$$$ when you have a mechanic do it. Plus the cost of a new one. If Blocked out is willing to give OP a decent price that may be a good way to go just to save the hassle and wasted time. Could be a decent excuse for an upgrade as well. Then again do your research, I don't know how many miles are on your car or what Blocked Out would give you but this is a very fixable issue so if you stand to save a lot of money by just fixing your current car no reason not to.

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