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Originally Posted by ASSAIL View Post
women show their anger verbally. if she doesnt open her mouth or complain, you have no way of knowing she is angry..... so training her to keep her mouth shut amounts to her either not being angry or at least not showing it, which is exactly what we are talking about.

If you want a serious answer though, let her spend on her sh1t (or spend on her) as much as you spend on the car and they dont get angry.
i cant see why any female would get angry at a guy spending money on guy sh1t. My g/f doesnt care how much i spend (read: waste) on cars, and conversely i dont care how much she spends on horses, clothes, shoes etc.
the only time it would be a problem is if your spending ALL your money on car stuff etc and neglect doing anything with her..............
haha assail, i was only busting your coconuts- however im sure this information will be quite beneficial to some others on here, so kudos
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