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Originally Posted by MightyY View Post
That does sound like a scam, especially if they don't have the appropriate signage up.
they have a sign that says U-turn with the arrow white/black sign.

Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
i would have fought it... where their any signs? thats bullshit

I can still appeal it, but I dont want to even let this voilation sit around for me to forget about it. But like I stated above they do have a U-turn sign which looks like any normal traffic sign for commercial use as oppose if it were for just police use only (when I took it a bunch of cars were using it as well easypass users I hope). You would think seeing this lane is very new with all the chaos over their they would be a little more specific with who can or cannot use the lane? On top of that if it is for only easypass users why wouldn't they put a toll after you bang the u-turn? They make it look like its a free lane.

Its like if you go down a one way street that is posted "one way" and they end up ticketing you because you dont have a easypass? thats basically the same scenario for me? I used a U-turn lane which is why they made it for the people that need to turn around to avoid passing the tolls. It didnt say "easypass use only" it just says U-turn what freaking B.S....

Anyways I want all you guys to know for sure for the ones who don't use masspike often don't get fooled.

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