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Originally Posted by Rob Levinson * UUC Motorwerks View Post
I'll put one thing quite simply; all of our Alcon-based kits have the correct bias for whichever car we are offering them for. Rotor size is not the only factor that determines bias; brake torque (and then the comparison of front:rear brake torque) of a particular brake package is determined by a calculation using multiple factors including pad height, piston size, pad , blp, and rotor diameter.

In a nutshell, don't worry about it - if there's one thing you can be sure of, the UUC engineering on these systems is very, very thorough.

Now, as to why the E46 M3 has bigger rear rotors... it's not a question of brake bias. It has to do with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) and traction control. This system actuates the rear brakes to control wheelspin, so the components are larger than previous 3-series to retain component longevity, affected by their more frequent use.
thanks for the helpful answer indeed
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