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Originally Posted by Sherweeeny View Post
quite the contrary actually!

believe it or not, there are a fair few people on here that dont know much about picking up!
I'm in that boat. I've never picked up a woman in my life, the trick is to have them pick you up. That said, I've never been one to get my kicks hitting the town for randoms. But, thats just me and its a cracker hearing the stories from those that do.

Originally Posted by ASSAIL View Post
If you want a serious answer though, let her spend on her sh1t (or spend on her) as much as you spend on the car and they dont get angry.
i cant see why any female would get angry at a guy spending money on guy sh1t. My g/f doesnt care how much i spend (read: waste) on cars, and conversely i dont care how much she spends on horses, clothes, shoes etc.
the only time it would be a problem is if your spending ALL your money on car stuff etc and neglect doing anything with her..............
Agreed, my Mrs spends her money on her stuff, I spend mine on my stuff. We don't have joint accounts although she has two subsidiary credit cards linked to mine. (Her cards are linked on my account, so I'm liable for the balance each month).

That said, she does her thing and I do mine and she really doesn't care what I do with my money, generally money buys material things. (money in general) it can't buy you happiness, health or anything that really is key in life when you break it down to what ultimately is important. I'm fortunate that she's more than well aware of this fact, I'd never be with a girl who was brand, money, or image focused.

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