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wow it has been a month already! sorry there has been no updates. I got the head back from head works here in bloomington mn, they bench tested, and flow tested put in titanium competition valves, shaved the valwve holes, and the exhaust ports. Basically anthing they could do to the head to make more powe rthey did! The car is finally painted, and the motot rebuilt. It will be going back into the car next week, i will have pics. I have then decided to break in the engine for 2000 miles instead of the 500 that was recommended, as i have waited this long why not wait a little longer and be safe. This will push the tuning back a month or so. As soon as i have it retuned i will post pics of the dyno and show the car to a few people who asked to see it when it was done, like hi its me alex and sheefo. Soon very soon i will let the monster out of the cage lol!
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