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Originally Posted by das BENZin View Post
See, I actually want it to look like there is no tint, I just want it to for the heat/to save the interior from UV.
Do you own a pair of polarized sunglasses and if so does it give you that cross-hatched pattern some tint gives when you look at it while wearing polarized sunglasses?
My thoughts exactly. I don't need tickets for illegal window film. It's 50% up front and 40% on the rear side and rear glass.

I have Serengeti sunglasses. They weren't cheap sunglasses but I'm not sure if they're polarized. I just went out there and tested them.. I can't see anything weird on the tint through them.

Yea, you don't want to use strong glass cleaners on any window tint. I don't clean mine very often but I also don't have kids who put their hands all over the glass either. When I do wipe them down I just use water and paper towels.

For the 135i, I paid $350 + $50 for the moonroof = $400. I forget the guy's name but he did say he could cut the price if a few guys came up together for the huper.
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In my opinion (and by the spec sheets) here's the best window film that doesn't block cellphones, etc.:
3M Crystalline
Huper Optik
Forumula One Pinnacle

At the time I called Atlantic Shorline in VA beach. They didn't carry the crystalline line of 3M film, only Vcool and colorstable cs.. neither are as good as the three films listed above. Formula one is the best but a guy at work had to go down to NC to find a formula one installer. That's why I went to Richmond for the huper. By the way, the formula one "looks" darker than the huper.
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