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Originally Posted by marineifra View Post
on the note of tint...i peeled the tint off my front windows yesterday. what do i use to remove the old adhesive that was left behind? window wipes left lint behind and didn't do squat for the removal...
The shop that removed the old tint from my S4 used razor scrapers and some sort of spray.

I just googled it..
"Window tint and the adhesive that adheres it to the glass is difficult to remove. While it is generally best done by experts, the consumer can remove it with appropriate materials and care. The process involves heating the film with a hair dryer or a steamer to soften the adhesive, pulling the film off in small sections, and dissolving the glue with a strong ammonia solution which may then be wiped off. Some professional tinting companies remove the glass during tint installation for a perfect finish, making removal of the film very difficult for the novice. As a side note, IGU (insulated glass units) should not have hair dryers put to them to remove film.

Removing film on rear glass with defroster lines can also dammage heating element if scraped with a razor its best to use a steamer if there is glue left behind you can use a soft steel wool 0000 spray glue with a glass cleaner cans work better then use steel wool using a heat gun also can be dangerous. all above content is for imformation purposes."
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