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thx charlie...i have some razor blades...i'm gonna stick to that. both windows came off in nearly full pieces...most of the adhesive came off w/ the film on the pass side...the drivers side looks like complete crap atm. i don't think any adhesive went with the film lol. i'll try a rag w/ a bit of acetone and if that doesn't work, i'll just stick w/ the razor blades for now

on another note..i have court on tuesday for tint and tags up in new kent county...been runnin around w/ no inspection still. decided last week to go get one and forgot my wallet. today, there wasn't a single shop i passed that was open. it HAD to be a small mom n pop garage as one highbeam won't work (wiring issue, not bulb) right now so i pulled into a closed shop w/ a bay door open. bickered w/ the guy for abt 8 minutes trying to get him to inspect it...his buddy was like "just go head and inspect it" and he said go to firestone and then i saw a USMC tattoo and said "if i showed you this tattoo, would that get me inspected?" he didn't care abt the high beam on the drivers side and then when i said how much do i owe you, he said "Semper Fi Brother, have a good day"
So, My Friend, Semper Fi to you my friend...You are a good man

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