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Originally Posted by das BENZin View Post
See, we're at a bit of a disagreement. I would want no handicapping...whatsoever. So the e30 could have a 265hp Korman 2.5liter in it...or heck run boost on it if they thought they could make it last the race. I want racing like in the old days, where you were limited pretty much only by your imagination, and would get wacky things like Charparrals with sucker fans powered by a snowmobile engine on them, or a Porsche 917/30.
yeah and then a stripped out E92 M3 w/ 420+ hp, would prolly still smoke it every time they hit any kind of straight as the E30 would prolly have traction issue as the power went over 300hp...
then what would be the cost of such a E30 or E36.. it wouldnt be fair, it wouldnt be cheap, and it wouldnt last more than 2 seasons.. no championship will last if its not some sort of fair competitiveness., especially at the consumer level.
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^^^ do you spend all your free time on two wheels?
The Snikster posted sexy wiminz here
Do you ride a sportbike?
Do you have a question about Jamaica? Ask?

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