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you don't watch much racing do u?
When u have a dominating team, it makes it boring. Oh who's gonna win this weekend, hmm, team x, again, oh joy, why go watch it, I'll just read about it.
When u have a chance of anyone winning, u don't want to miss it, because there will be passing and fights for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and even the points off the podium. That's exciting, that's what makes the fans pay money to come see it, that's what fills grand stands, and books pay per view, etc. Not some procession where its the same order in finishing every time.
That will kill any championship. F1 is about the only championship I've seen survive while managing to be boring as fuk to watch, as far as the actual racing, its the speed and the sound and the fascination i think keeps people going back, that and the big name manufacturers and sponsors. For pure racing excitement, F1 is garbage. WRC is intense and they really even pass each other, DTM, WTCC, etc, those are championships where the cars are almost dead even, and setup and driver and pit stops is what decides the winner. Why do u think so many people thought Schuemacher retiring was good for the sport? Cause now 3 other mofos stood a chance of winning and they'd be at each others throats the entire race to get that win.

That is also why nascar works. Its a great spectator sport even tho they're driving in a ridiculous circle AND tho u have the favorites and they know that one mistake by the fav, and some ricky bobby type is gonna beat him. because the cars are evenly matched and its competitive.

If you are a competitor and u know u have no chance of winning because you will need the newest model M3 with 5 figures worth of parts, you're gonna be like, fuk that, i'll take my E30 or my E36 to the NASA or SCCA and run it there where i stand a chance to win. No one wants to spend all that money on gas, hotel, diesel for the hauler, food, entry fees, mechanic and crew pay, miss time at work, and all that expensive stuff if u stand no chance of at least setting foot on the podium, if its like that, u might as well stick to trackdays and then u leave the grid, then the next set of guys that finish behind you leave after a while thn your grid dwindles and you're left with a 4 car championship.
Then we'll see how long that lasts.
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^^^ do you spend all your free time on two wheels?
The Snikster posted sexy wiminz here
Do you ride a sportbike?
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