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Here is a writeup by volksfragen, it was done on his car and we did the work together so far:

Hey guys,

This is my first DIY/Retrofit Guide.
It wont be step by step but it will cover the general way things were done in this retrofit.

Id first like to thank Mike from F1Autohaus for hooking myself and Snowcatxx87 up with these FX-R's. They are great Projectors. Quality is superb!


Also a big shout out to Snowcatxx87 for helping and telling me how to do stuff the right way

First off I am going to start with the products I purchased for this retrofit, then tools needed, then the steps taken so far!

Parts Needed

For this specific Retrofit, I am using Projector46's as my base Headlamp housing.


FX-R Hybrid Projectors

E46 Projector Shrouds

Tools Needed

Various screw drivers

Dremel with various attachments

Drill with various sized bits

Files, Sandpaper, ect.

(Anything you think you'll need for cleaning up dremel cuts)

JB Weld
Available at walmart, Canadian Tire (In Canada :cool), and probably many other hardware stores.

Various different screws/bolts
I ended up getting 8-32x2.5inch bolts to mount the P46's to the halogen housing and 10x1.5inch metal screws to mount the FX-R's into the P46 mounting holes.

Rust-Oleum High Heat Satin Black Rattle Paint
I decided to paint everything matte black to go with the theme of my car.
This paint said not to use primer, So everything was sanded and cleaned, then painted.

To start here is a pic of my workspace:

Disassemble Headlight Housing

I did not to a write up on how to disassemble the P46's completely, and after some quick searching I could not find one. But honestly If you cant figure it out, I don't think you should be trying this DIY :confused
All I can say is take it slow and look at everything and how it works and slowly disassemble everything.

Modifications for FX-R Mounting

The first part I tackled was modifying the P46 Headlight assembly and FX-R Projector.

Shown in the picture below you can see what I had to cut off for the FX-R to fit into the P46 projector housing:

Once that was cut, I had to drill 4 new holes in the FX-R's for them to screw into the P46 projector mounts. In the following pictures the unmodified Projector is on the left, and the one I've modified is on the right. I also had to dremel out some of the lip on the projector so the screw would fit. (Original Mounting holes in white, New ones in red):

Once the holes were created and everything dremeled out, it mounted flush, and all I had to do was screw it in!

Next was to modify the Shroud ordered from F1Autohaus to fit in the P46 headlight assembly. I basically had to cut off all the chrome flange all the way back to the lipped part, as you can see by the following pictures. the first one is how I purchased them, the second one is after I dremeled most of the shroud off. I also had to cut a flat section off the top so it would fit in the P46 headlight assembly (shown by the red arrow)

I then went to fit the newly modified shroud, and It would not go in far enough to the assembly to look good over the projector lens. I came to the realization that it was the 4 plastic tabs in the assembly that needed to be trimmed down. I trimmed a bit off so it fit nicely over the projector lens. The first picture is the tabs trimmed and the second one is the shroud and projector test fitted.

Now that completes the retrofit for the FX-R into the P46 headlight assembly. I was first done here and thought to myself, well I still have another projector, why not use it!? So next I will show you what I did to get the P46, to work in the Halogen (Hi Beam) spot.

Mounting The P46 Projector Into Halogen Housing

First step for the Hi Beam projector retrofit was to remove the old halogen bulb mount by dremeling it off. I slowly trimmed it down so the projector sat the correct depth in the bowl where I needed it so the shroud would be flush with the top of the bowl:

Next the P46 projector had to be trimmed off in order to fit into the halogen bowl. the red lines are how it looked before trimming. and the white arrows point to the new drilled holes.

In order to secure the P46 Projectors to the Halogen bowl, I set the projector in the bowl exactly where I wanted it, and marked the 4 holes through the new holes drilled in the projector.

In the following pictures, you can see how the P46 projector gets mounted into the bowl.

I always hated the Depo logo on the P46 projector shroud so **** it, I dremeled it off and sanded it down smooth, and surprise, no more DEPO text

In this picture you can see how the P46 shroud sits flush with the top of the halogen bowl.

That is all for the P46 Projector in the halogen bowl retrofit.

Final Fixup before Paint

Now that is basically it for the retrofit. but during the project so far many thing broke. I was surprised at how crappy the P46 headlight assembly was. The plastic had cracked in a few places due to minimal force. I would expect a little more quality out of an after market part...

So out came the JB weld to fix the cracks:

Paint Time!

Like stated early, this Hi Temp satin black paint asked for no primer. So we sanded all the pieces down, and did 9 very THIN coats to cover it very evenly and they turned out sexy:

Final Test Fit

Here are a few pictures of the final test fit before paint.

and here's our cars watching us work! (eww my OEM halogens look gross)

Thats all for now...

This is all I have done so far, I will post updates and such as I get them done. please feel free to ask any questions!
Thanks guys!

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