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Originally Posted by das BENZin View Post
Hahahaha dayum
Next time you see her, ask her if the kleemann blower for the 3.5 m272 bolted onto that 3.0 or if she had to use something else. EDIT: nevermind, some googling showed that it does.

If she's rocking a meisterschaft exhaust she's got a sugar daddy somewhere. Nobody who has to work for their money would blow it like that.
Also ask her how the unlined Alusil is hanging in there after 5 years on 14psi lol.
Dude Alusil is much better...I don't blame Mercedes Benz for running with Alusil instead of a Nikasil block, material used by BMW years ago in the M60. It was not successful due to U.S fuels destroying the Nikasil material.
Originally Posted by nike001 View Post
Is this a joke? Do you really have so much money, you don't know what to do with it?
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