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Originally Posted by das BENZin View Post
I agree about the 24 Hours. I was going to go last time, but then I found it's just a bunch of eurotrash partying when you're actually there.

As far as watching more racing...maybe when Speed stops sucking and actually shows a good amount of racing, I'll get a TV and cable.

I still don't get how you guys think F1 is boring. More fun to watch than NASCAR or Daytona Prototypes if you ask me.
The pits at 24hoursoflemons is the only reason I want to go. I would love to drive and participate, but only because that would get me into the rest of the race. No joke.

Also, I didn't say that F1 was boring compared to NASCAR, it is boring period. It is boring compared to looking out a window at a grey sky. It is boring compared to GOLF.

NASCAR is virtually no fun at all, although snik is right, the road races can be fun to watch.

Originally Posted by das BENZin View Post
Why should bumping not be allowed with stock cars? They're not open wheel, they're not open cockpit, and they have strong chassis.
Rubbin is racing. I agree here.

Personally, other than a few awesome Youtube clips (I love the old DTM and WRC highlight. Group B Rally and crap like that was just awesome at times.) I don't think the majority of racing is fun to watch. To attend? To participate? Hell yeah... But sitting on the sidelines is boring 99% of the time. Imagine the most awesome racing clip you can think of (single race) and then remember that there were days of qualifying, and hours and hours of racing that weren't nearly as cool or fun. Even at a very exciting event, you still have tons of follow the leader boring **** going on in every motorsport. Even drifting/NHRA/etc have lots of downtime.
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