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Nice to see an Aussie review of the unit, I am very interested in this so please keep the updates coming. I was looking forward to seeing it installed in Jason's car but I don't think he has done it yet.

In addition to all the good questions being asked here like do the volume and blutooth steering wheel buttons work I would like to know the following if anyone has any info:
- How much is the AC relocation bracket from a BMW stealer in Oz?
- I think I have an OEM microphone can I connect the unit to that or will I need to install a new one?
- Do you see anyway of internet enabling the device using a SIM?
- What storage/source options are there for movies and music, I see you can connect an iPod but could you also connect a portable hard disc?
- Is there and option to connect it to the cars ODBII?

Thanks it looks great and much better tech than OEM

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