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Originally Posted by McSpeed View Post
The damper does a pretty specific thing - it snuffs out resonances at the natural frequencies of forged steel in order to avoid crazy harmonic crank twisting torsion. Based on my research ATI is the top dog in this field - they're the official NASCAR damper supplier and they have lots of great reviews on other car sites - so I'm confident in their approach even though it sounds kind of simple. And it's only a one size fits all solution because our cars generally fall below the thresholds that, in their experience, would necessitate a change in design; few, if any of us, plan on exceeding 550hp and 7500 rpms. Except bluejeansonfire
Thanks for the info.....

I ask b/c I thought things like rpm redline (7000 for me), standard N/A mods, and Light-weight Flywheel (UUC Stage 2) affect how the damper should be tuned. I expect the ATI solution takes these thing into account. Based on the info I've found, a flywheel change significantly alters crankshaft harmonics.

Got another few questions;

It was mentioned you could rebuild this thing for $75 with new o-rings so in effect the damper is good forever. Does the damper need to be removed from the crankshaft in order to be rebuilt? If so, based on how tight the fit is can this be done with a large gear puller, or is a special tool also necessary for removal? Is the damper housing made out of steel or aluminum?


Brady, any updates? Can we still keep the same deal if only 5 people buy?

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