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Originally Posted by chriskuta View Post
You do need to register but answers to all your questions plus much much more can be found here
Including a work in progress firmware update to change the dynavin interface from those red menu blocks to something a bit less crap

The knobs look cheap ass.. but otherwise its pretty decent.
For my opinion there aren't look bad at all, you have to see the real one not from the Pics.

Originally Posted by Darkoz View Post
No worries, can you also let us know if the two front knobs detach from the unit to be able to replace them with OEM or similar knobs.
The OEM Knobs can't be replaced I think, other it would be answer at above.

Originally Posted by [w.b] View Post
that looks good, i want videos to work on mine.
i got widescreen navigation with intravee ipod functionality but this looks more modern and updated.

i feel like swapping my oem stuff now haha
Warren Do it mate you will love this one and will be happier. Sell it

Originally Posted by fgin View Post
do it ! and sell me the OEM stuff
I think Warren will sell OEM Soon.

Originally Posted by howie1971 View Post
Nice to see an Aussie review of the unit, I am very interested in this so please keep the updates coming. I was looking forward to seeing it installed in Jason's car but I don't think he has done it yet.

In addition to all the good questions being asked here like do the volume and blutooth steering wheel buttons work I would like to know the following if anyone has any info:
- How much is the AC relocation bracket from a BMW stealer in Oz?
- I think I have an OEM microphone can I connect the unit to that or will I need to install a new one?
- Do you see anyway of internet enabling the device using a SIM?
- What storage/source options are there for movies and music, I see you can connect an iPod but could you also connect a portable hard disc?
- Is there and option to connect it to the cars ODBII?

Thanks it looks great and much better tech than OEM
I think the relocation kit it's not expensive around $100-150. but having said that you don't need the relocation kit by the way.

Originally Posted by 330CONVERT View Post
I am also very keen on this unit but did not want to be the guinea pig in Australia so please keep the updates coming
Sure I will

Originally Posted by wilawok View Post
Looks good Johnny !! much cheaper than a retrofit !!
Yeah!! Tim I love it and I will pop in and let you have a look.

Originally Posted by deanus_55 View Post
hey i have searched this but i cannot seem to find a straight answer can you remove the factory screen and put this in. i have the screen but no nav so this would be a better option than fitting BMW navigation i think. if anyone herd or done this it would be good to know.
I think it can be done on your case.

Originally Posted by howie1971 View Post
Why would you have the head unit/screen (the colour double din one?) and no navigation?? What do you use it for watching DVD's when stationery?

Are you sure you don't have a nav computer in the boot under the CD changer?

As to what is better I suppose its how much value you place on OEM and whether or not you are going to use any of the features of the Dynavin. In terms of cost I guess it will be about the same I have seen nav computers for sale on ebay for about $800 and GPS antenna for about $60.

Do you have factory bluetooth and PDC? If you do the Dynavin is not going to add much value feature wise. I would assume that OEM navigation would add greater resale value than an aftermarket one. So although the installation will be much more difficult (look up threads its quite involved seats, console and carpet have to come out) it may be worth it since you already have the head unit in place.

As to fitting since you already have the screen if you take that out you will have a double din slot available so yes the Dynavin will fit into that space as described.

Goodluck and let us know what you do.

Answer from chriskuta at Below.

Originally Posted by chriskuta View Post
The Dynavin is designed to easily replace the BMW Business CD unit. It just plugs straight into the existing plug, with some extra cables for USB, iPod, GPS etc. If you have an OEM 4:3 or 16:9 boardmonitor then installing a Dynavin is a little more complex as you require an additional cable

As for why you would convert to a Dynavin over an OEM 16:9 Setup? I agree OEM is best for keeping things looking original. But lets face it, the MK4 navi is getting old now. With the ability to run pretty much any Windows CE navigation ( or program ) you have lots of options. Tom tom, iGo, Navigon. But aside from that there is some really cool moding going on with Internet connections, game emulators, re-skinning the interface etc. So it's a lot more fun if you're a bit of a geek.

And when you sell the car, just put the old unit back in!

Originally Posted by fgin View Post
The OEM screen resolution is half the Dynavin's screen resolution. The OEM is not touch screen where as the Dynavin is. If there is prrof that the Dynavin quality control is anything close to an OEM product (i mean durability, ware etc) then I think the dynavin unit will add more value when reselling as it will have the features you get in a brand new car like wifi, internet etc.. while retaining the OEM look. In my opinion the OEM navigaiton is annoying when you have to click through to enter details. touch sceen is so much better.
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