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Originally Posted by SmokeyDP View Post
This is old so I am going to update it...

With stock software I ended up throwing an o2 code after 2 weeks of driving. The good news is, all monitors passed and the car threw no codes long enough for me to get the car inspected then reinstall the shark injector.

In the end I ended up going with a custom tune because the AFR was all over the place with my mods and the Shark Injector. The car runs much smoother with the custom tune and will even pass smog.

Let me get something clear here. Did you pass emmissions while having condes in pending status? The codes for the rear o2 sensors will sit there for a while before the actually light up. The require several cycles (on/off) and cycle lenghts (x amount of miles per interval) before they will actually come up).

I'm just curious if you can actually pass emissions where you have codes in pending status. The rear monitor(s) would not be in ready state (I think?) and should therefore fail.

I still haven't installed the O2 sim but I do have cats. It usually takes me a 4-8 weeks for the codes to come up once I've reset them but that's only due to my driving needs. (It can be different for everyone).

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