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looked more carefully @ your schematic ; feel like . I used to pop something like this off in a few minutes and here I've been banging my head to create such a simple circuit to perform the task. I'll check a couple of Trans specs to make sure it'll sink the required current (not sure what that is yet; will measure); it'll be based on visual appearance of the LEDs during day and night operation. Might install variable resistor initially so I can play with voltages... Ambient lighting for the display will be hooked to dimmer lighting.

Going to run electronic shoft lock from brake in series with "P" switch to provide secondary electronic locking so the shofter cannot be inadvertantly pushed into the wrong gear. It will require that you press both the Brake and "P" button to release electronic shoft lock and change gear. Was concerned if in an emergency braking situation that the shifter (with current mechanical shiftlock no long present) could be pushed into R or P because the mechanical shift lock is gone (DCT Shifter is fully electronic). Nice eh??

Your design is great, but it actually has to interface the e46 shift selector to operate the lights in the DCT shifter (so not quite where you placed the circuit, but PERFECT DESIGN!!! ).... The Cathode connections will actually connect to the Gear Selector lighting pins as follows:

1 P
2 M/S
3 D
4 N
5 R
6 ???
7 ???
8 P switch
9 P switch
10 Grnd
11 Power (dimmer)
12 Hall sensor (intended electronic shift release; but I prefer the P button)

Since I'm obviously , any recommendations on an appropriate PNP model to use; or just a standard low power transistor?

Thanks for all your help BTW!!!
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