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Originally Posted by e46techtuner View Post
What are your current modifications? I like 0 toe front and rear. I would definetly max out the front negative camber 2.0-2.1(on stock, but camber plates highly recommended) on front, 1.5-2.0 negative camber on rear works good. I have Turner Sway bars(H&R) I always leave it on the hardest setting on the front, rear I switch from medium to hard(depending on understeer and oversteer needs). I set my tire pressure 43 psi front cold and 41 psi rear cold( 245/40/17 street tires).

I have H&R springs w/ H&R shocks, it is actually the Turner TrackSport package in which I think the shocks are actually Bilstein. I have the turner sways, camber plates, adjustable sway links. It appears similar to the modifications that you havel listed on your cardomain site.

Thanks for the input, it gives me some things to consider. Do you happen to know what your TPs are when they get hot?
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