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What class are you running? DSP or STX? E46's push, push, and then push some more. If you really want it to turn well for autocrossing, you'll need to add more camber to the front, and toe it out. I'd go at least -2.5 degrees, and 1/16th out maybe even an 1/8th. Less camber in the rear, -1.2 or so, and 0 toe or 1/16th out.

As far as sway bars, I'd go exactly opposite of what you have. Stiffen the rear, soften the front. The open diffs make it extremely hard to get the car to rotate stock unless you really get it off balance.

What kind of tires are you running? Higher pressures in the rear for sure. Again, just trying to free the back end up a little without turning the car into a Formula-D machine.

Also, I ran an e85 for 4 years, so I know how that chassis autocrosses extremely well. Switched to a Mini this year so I could actually win some national stuff

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