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Originally Posted by jacobs323i View Post
Here is another update, i spoke with frozen rotors a company based in MN that does cryogenically frozen brake pads! They told me that they also do this for all non- load bearing metal pieces on the engine, they said they do this alot to high horse power drag and racing engines. I have done a ton of research, has any one heard of this or know any advers effects? I have found none. I am pulling the trigger on this as it is 625 for the entire engine!
I would NOT do this to the entire engine.

Steel pieces are OK, aluminum ones like your block are not. The reason why is that they not only freeze the pieces, then also have to do a heat treat on them afterwards. The heat treating process on our blocks will actually cause them to fail. (M54 blocks HATE to be overheated)

Could you post up the flow numbers you got for your cylinder head?
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